Mansa Capital

Investment Strategy

Mansa invests in early stage growth companies with proven management teams, sound business franchises, and substantial unrealized potential. We’re primarily interested in private businesses in the health care services and health care technology sectors but we will consider government-sponsored privatizations. Our focus is to develop health care companies that deliver advances in cost-effective care to new and existing populations, demonstrate potential for strong organic revenue growth, and exhibit both attractive margins and high returns on capital. The most important investment criterion for Mansa is an appropriate business model coupled with an outstanding management team. We partner with exceptional management teams to build and operate businesses for the long-term. We look for the following investment characteristics:

    Investment Criteria

    Regional companies with market validation

    Nationally scalable

    Effective management team

    Healthcare IT and service integration focus

    Policy and demographic alignment

    Investment Approach

    Create Value

    Product design and sales effectiveness

    Operational improvements

    Mitigate and manage risk

    Business development

    Exit, targeting a 3x return within 5 years

Healthcare Technology