Mansa Capital

Mansa Values


- The quality of being honest and fair

- The state of being complete or whole

We are promise keepers. If we make a promise, we keep it. We are who and what we say we are -- individually and as a firm. We are honest also with ourselves. We apply our combined abilities toward earning superior returns. We honor our commitments to our investors, our companies, our colleagues and our families.


- The belief that someone (or a group) is reliable and honest

- An organization that results from the creation of trust

The Mansa team is built upon loyalty, candor, honesty, and a shared passion for results. We respect your time as a precious gift. We honor your investment as an inviolate trust. We manage our resources – yours and those of the firm -- with care, frugality and gratitude.


- A relationship involving close cooperation among parties having specified joint rights and responsibilities

- The state of being partners

We work by collaboration. We look for ways to support each other toward our common goals: to serve our investors by partnering with strong management teams to build exceptional value in the carefully selected companies in which we invest. At Mansa, no individual wins if the team – starting with our investor LPs -- loses. No one can lose if the team – and especially our investor LPs --wins.

When you invest with us, we endeavor to:

Uphold the highest standards of ethical behavior and fiduciary responsibility

Manage our investments with a prudent long-term perspective with the goal of providing excellent returns to our limited partners

Communicate candidly and honestly all important developments -- favorable and unfavorable -- in a timely fashion

Invest our personal assets alongside yours

Employ a diverse, talented, and diligent team to ensure that your investment is well managed

Adapt, evolve, and continuously improve

We are committed to becoming recognized as the premier investor in growing healthcare companies by partnering with management and by upholding the highest standards of integrity and trust.

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