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Mansa Capital History

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Mansa Capital draws its name from the medieval-era Moorish title “mansa” meaning “king of kings” or “emperor”. Mansa Kankou Musa – most widely known as Mansa Musa -- was the 10th Mansa of the Mali Empire during its zenith in the 14th century. He reigned from 1312 to 1337. Timbuktu, the empire’s commercial capital, dominated the gold and salt trade as the hub for the caravans which connected the Mediterranean economies north of the city with the rich gold and salt mines south of the city. Similarly, Timbuktu was the center of trade for silks and spices from Arabia and The East and for agricultural products from the Atlantic coastal regions from the west. To support the thriving commercial economy, Timbuktu became home to a well developed center for banking and trade finance with corresponding branches as far north as Al-Andaluz (Andalucia, Spain) and as far east as Cairo. Also well documented is Mansa Musa’s establishment of a great university and library at Sankore in Timbuktu. The university became the region’s primary center of learning for scholars of all faiths for more than a century. Mansa Musa is most remembered today for his opulent display of wealth and civility. On his famous journey to Arabia in 1324, he and his court flooded Cairo with so much gold that the gold market was depressed for ten years after his departure. Other records indicate that Mansa Musa commissioned a fleet of ships to explore the Great Sea to the West (the Atlantic). Artifacts found in Mexico, Panama and Colombia suggests that some of these ships found their way to the New World more than a century before Columbus. Since the middle ages, the name Mansa Musa and the city of Timbuktu have become synonymous with wealth, scholarship, faith and discovery.

Mansa was founded in 2003 by its Managing Partner and CIO Ruben J. King-Shaw Jr., a dual citizen of the United States of America and the Republic of Panama. Since its founding, the firm has focused on the intersection of health care policy, clinical research, technological development and demographic trends to discover extraordinary investment opportunities in the healthcare industry. Like the man for whom the firm is named, Mansa Capital is committed to the cause of scholarship and economic development. Through its Corporate Affairs office, the firm funds community-based initiatives in education and healthcare throughout the world.

Mansa History